ScoreVision Academy: Scoreboards Can Produce a Return on Investment
Getting buy-in for a new scoreboard is a challenging sell. We understand budgets are tight, and our solution is an annual commitment. But what makes it worth the expense is the return on investment it brings your community. We’ve seen several instances where scoreboards powered by ScoreVision have... Read more
Shot Clocks Explained: Are Shot Clocks Required for High School Basketball?
History of the Shot Clock It all started on the back of a napkin. No, seriously - it did. In 1954, Danny Biasone, Emil Bardoni, and Leo Ferris sat in a bowling alley and coffee shop in Syracuse, where they invented the shot clock on the back of a little napkin. It was first designed for the... Read more
The Volunteer Shortage: How to Get Parents More Involved in Your Athletic Organizations
When parents or fans attend a sporting event, the most significant factor influencing their decision is a personal connection to the game. While “volunteeritis” is not a real diagnosis, the concept behind the term is. As burnout sweeps the nation, we feel its side effects in our organizations. This... Read more
Fundraising: How To Fundraise Using Social Media and the Fan App
Fundraising: How to Grow Your Following Using Social Media and the Fan App Do you know the saying “time is money”? Well, unfortunately, money also takes time. In 2021, coaches and athletic directors listed fundraising and time as one of their top ten concerns for the year. Fundraising can be... Read more
How an Atmosphere Can Improve Performance: Why Fans Matter In Sports
WHY DO FANS MATTER IN SPORTS? In an article by the LA Times, a sports psychologist identified that crowds could improve athletic performance if the sport included strength, endurance, and teamwork. Most teams understand the impact fans have on performance. Playing in a home stadium or arena has... Read more
ScoreVision’s Pregame Ritual: You Didn’t Even Know You Needed This
ScoreVision's Pregame Ritual What does a software company have to do with pregame rituals? Well, to be honest, we don’t have much to do with the rituals themselves, but if any of them involve the atmosphere or environment surrounding your athletes or fans on game day, then we likely are the... Read more
Hype Clip Trends: Here is What to Expect for the 2022-2023 Season
Hype Clip Trends 2022-2023 We are in the digital age of trending Tik Toks and Instagram Reels. Hype clips are no longer stuck on the video displays of your gymnasiums or fields; they’re making discovery pages on social media platforms that capture the attention of thousands, sometimes even hundreds... Read more
Streaming Content On Your Scoreboard? We've Got Your Back!
Should and Should Not's of Streaming It’s pertinent we have this conversation. In our last blog post, we planted the seed for additional ways you can use the ScoreVision system outside of athletics. We gave you a step-by-step guide for streaming movies and hosting a fundraising event. Before you... Read more
Planning Guide: A Night Under the Stars
Hosting A Night Under the Stars It’s finally here! The aroma of summer has filled the air; for most, it means summer nights filled with activities. Our favorites are back - including movie nights, barbecues, and local farmer’s markets. We encourage you to use your ScoreVision system for engaging... Read more
Planning Guide: How to Start a Youth Summer Camp
Summer camps give youth the chance to learn fundamental skills, meet high school coaches, and learn about your program. If this is your first time hosting a camp at your high school, know that this is a trial and error process. It will take time to gain traction, but staying consistent and... Read more
Congratulations SV Graduates!
A letter on behalf of your ScoreVision team. Congratulations to all of our schools on completing another year of academic and athletic excellence! Read more
Competitor to Partner: Changing the Scoreboard Industry
United through a customer-centric business model, Digital Scoreboards and ScoreVision formed a strategic partnership in 2021. Before the partnership began, the two companies were long-time competitive rivals in the LED industry. We sat down with Digital Scoreboards Vice President, Chris Kirn, to... Read more