Content Creators: How to Produce a Spectacular Game Day Experience
Content Creators: The Production Side of Game Day Enhancing your high school athletic gameday experience using the video board can add excitement and engagement for both players and fans. Here are some video production tips to help you make the most of this technology: Read more
Content Creators: How to Create Media Content for Your Scoreboard
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Case Study: How to Expand Student Involvement in Athletics
ScoreVision Visits Adams-Central High School From time to time, we have the privilege of immersing ourselves in the vibrant game day experience at our schools. This past week, our team embarked on a journey to Hastings, Nebraska - a charming town of approximately 25,000 people, situated just 100... Read more
How to Grow Your Revenue with Digital Scoreboard Advertising!
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New Feature Release: Share More through Fan App!
Winning requires more than physical strength and endurance; the mind is a powerful thing. You may only control how hard you work and how you spend your time, but your journey will be defined by how you remain resilient outside of your control. Your perseverance under pressure is the rush that fuels... Read more
The Future of Fan Engagement: How Technology is Transforming Sports
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A Comprehensive Guide to ScoreVision
A Comprehensive Guide to ScoreVision What is ScoreVision? ScoreVision is an affordable, user-friendly software making professional game-day experiences accessible to all. Our standard hardware and software package includes apps for sports teams to keep score, display media content, advertise... Read more
Top 10 Ways ScoreVision Can Improve Your Sports Facility
Top 10 Ways ScoreVision Can Improve Your Sports Facilities As sports facilities continue to evolve, so do the technologies used to enhance the game day experience for fans and players. One such technology is taking the sports world by storm. ScoreVision is an innovative sports software transforming... Read more
ScoreVision Expands into Canada by Partnering with Campus Tech AV
ScoreVision Forms Partnership with Campus Tech AV to Bring Cutting-Edge Technology to Canada When the board chair of St. John Paul II Academy, Troy Van Vliet, began searching for a temporary scoreboard solution, he had never heard of ScoreVision. A quick internet search brought him many results,... Read more
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ScoreVision Academy: Scoreboards Can Produce a Return on Investment
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Shot Clocks Explained: Are Shot Clocks Required for High School Basketball?
History of the Shot Clock It all started on the back of a napkin. No, seriously - it did. In 1954, Danny Biasone, Emil Bardoni, and Leo Ferris sat in a bowling alley and coffee shop in Syracuse, where they invented the shot clock on the back of a little napkin. It was first designed for the... Read more