As a society, we are always looking for the best value. Whether it is value in the food we buy or the experiences we look to acquire, we want to get the most out of our time, money, and resources.  This is shown in the use of promotions and deals like buy two get one free, and get your fifth coffee free punch cards within the consumer world.  The business world has coined a term for added value; synergy – gaining additional value from two or more things working together.  In the world of sports software, ScoreVision does just that.  When utilizing multiple ScoreVision systems on your campus, you can create synergy through a cohesive fan experience, cloud-based game & media management, and campus-wide advertising.

Cohesive Fan Experience

One of the best features introduced by ScoreVision is the SV Fan App.  You can share the game time experience with fans who are unable to attend in person.  Our SV Fan App uses the same game information entered through the SV scorekeeper apps to send automated score updates for any event stored in the SV Cloud.  Fans can download the app, find your organization, select the event, and watch as the scores roll in.  In addition to the score, you can trigger captured highlights, run a live stream, and display sponsor ads in the app to engage your fans even more.


With multiple systems with ScoreVision software, the free SV Fan App can act as a one-stop-spot for all your sports teams profiles.  From football in the fall, basketball in the winter, or baseball in the spring and summer, fans have the opportunity to engage with your school all year long to any sport associated with the scoreboard system.  Take the fan experience to the next level with away games as well.  Games away from your school can be scored and recorded with the same apps that run your home scoreboard, and you don't need to connect to a display.  The stats and score will be visible on the SV Fan app.  Even live streaming any game with SV Capture App will let your fans never miss out on the action.  

Having multiple systems using ScoreVision software can bring you added value through the SV Fan App when you have multiple systems in use at once.  Fans can engage with the app to view coinciding games.  For example, you have a volleyball match at the same time as your football game – fans can see updates on these events while watching another. 

Cloud-based Game & Media Management

SV Cloud is your hub for managing all media and game-related content.  From managing your game schedules to building a roster, and uploading media content , the SV Cloud makes it easy to organize everything in advance to make game time a breeze.  The SV Cloud can be accessed and managed from anywhere you have internet access.  Users can be assigned levels of access to have the proper accountability when managing an organization within the cloud. 


By multiple systems using ScoreVision Software you can manage all events from a single SV Cloud account.  Users have the option to manage different sports and seasons through the same SV Cloud profile.  All media options can be loaded into the SV cloud for any sport using the scoreboard.  The SV Cloud presents the option to designate media to specific sports or seasons.  Media available to all sports can be managed as on-demand content or added to sequences through the SV Cloud and will sync to the SV Producer App for in-game media control. 

With the ability to manage and distribute media content for scoreboards in separate facilities on your campus all from one source, schools can take branding to the next level.  Creating scoreboard wrappers, hype clips, and other fan engagement material with the school's brand in mind will push the experience of athletics to the next level. 

Campus-wide Advertising Opportunities

Opportunities to generate sponsorship revenue are infused throughout the ScoreVision system.  Our software integrates digital advertising opportunities throughout the entire experience, empowering your team to generate recurring revenue by reaching fans in your facility and on the SV Fan App.  Our Fan App and pre-built layouts for video scoreboards and LED scorer’s tables, all feature advertising spaces that are easy to sell and easy to manage with SV Cloud.  It also allows you to provide access to a third party who can help you manage sponsorships like our trusted partners at Scoreboard Media.


The advertising management platform also provides comprehensive monthly reports on the performance of ads.  These reports offer insights into the number of media plays and impressions, taking into account the duration of each ad and the average game attendance.  Additionally, you can easily track which facility the ad was displayed in. Access these detailed reports through the SV Cloud platform, where you can conveniently download them in PDF format.

Get more out of your sports working together with easy advertising management and distribution to all your facilities' events.  Having multiple systems with ScoreVision software and a single SV Cloud account can generate revenue all year long by offering a comprehensive advertising package.  


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