As 2019 comes to a close, the ScoreVision Team is reflecting on the hard work we’ve put in this year to make the ScoreVision product the best it’s ever been.

From new apps and refreshed software to new products and materials to help our customers impress fans and generate revenue, 2019 has been a huge year for ScoreVision and its customers. Check out some of the major accomplishments from this past year!

ScoreVision LED Video Scoreboard DisplaysAn Improved Lineup of Video Scoreboards

To start off the year, ScoreVision released a new lineup of indoor scoreboard displays that help customers balance features with affordability.

With more size options than ever before, ScoreVision now has the perfect display for any gym. Plus there are more features, flexibility, and layouts available with our system than ever before – including our fan-favorite Leaderboard layout and one-touch player accolades.

ScoreVision Boot Camp Educational Opportunity

New Ways to Educate Students

This spring, ScoreVision launched ScoreVision Boot Camp, a new way for schools to educate their students with the help of ScoreVision video scoreboards. This 2-day educational intensive brings ScoreVision’s expert Creative Team to your school and provides students and teachers with a hands-on, project-based learning experience. Learn more about ScoreVision Boot Camp here.

ScoreVision LED Scorer's Tables

The Launch of Scorer’s Tables

In addition to new display sizes, ScoreVision added LED Scorer’s Tables to our ever-growing product lineup. Our scorer’s tables combine new revenue-generating opportunities with the most advanced features on the market, all with the easy-to-use software you can expect from ScoreVision. Learn more about our scorer’s tables here.

ScoreVision Fan App

A Brand-new Fan App

This year we also released a completely refreshed version of our Fan App. Beyond just an updated look, the Fan App now provides more features and information to fans of ScoreVision schools. This new app also paves the way for some very exciting new features that we can’t wait to announce in 2020!

Learn more about our Fan App here.

ScoreVision Scorekeeper Apps

New and Refreshed Apps

ScoreVision’s commitment to amazing software was evident this year. ScoreVision's Software Development Team released a brand-new Fan App, overhauled our ScoreVision Cloud, and released tons of enhancements ranging from minor improvements to exciting new features to all-new apps.

As a software company, we asked for and received feedback from our customers throughout the year and transformed that feedback into new features and enhancements to our entire suite of user-friendly scoring and event production software.

All ScoreVision apps received enhancements in 2019, and we released the most major enhancements for our Producer App and Wrestling, Baseball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Badminton, and Rugby Scorekeeper Apps.

ScoreVision Cloud Content Management System

A New and Improved ScoreVision Cloud

ScoreVision Cloud, the cloud-based backbone of the whole ScoreVision system, received a major overhaul in appearance and function. 

ScoreVision Cloud is the web-based platform where customers upload and organize teams, rosters, schedules, sponsor ads, hype videos, media content, and other information that powers their ScoreVision experience during games and events. With this year’s refresh of this system, our customers have saved time and effort and gained more features and tools. Prepping for games has never been easier!

Dozens of New Customers

The most exciting part of 2019 was welcoming dozens of new customers to the ScoreVision Family! We welcomed high schools, junior colleges, colleges, recreation facilities and event centers in states all across America. We have loved seeing how fans, students, and the community around these facilities are reacting to their new ScoreVision systems. Take a look at some of the customers that recently joined the ScoreVision Family in the video below.

The ScoreVision Team has enjoyed reflecting on everything we’ve brought to life in 2019, and we can’t wait to share the exciting things to come in 2020.

If your school or facility needs this kind of game-changing technology, contact us today to learn how ScoreVision can enhance your gym or stadium in 2020 and beyond.

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