How to Grow Student Involvement Around Athletics
Creating new and relevant content for all your events can be overwhelming. One way to overcome this pain point is by starting a multi-media class for students interested in learning graphic design. This blog post will guide you through the resources available to ScoreVision users through the ... Read more
The Benefits of ScoreVisionLE
Elevate your gymnasium experience with ScoreVisionLE, an innovative scorekeeping software suite designed to revolutionize how you score the game. Not only does ScoreVisionLE provide a cost-effective solution for upgrading to digital scoreboards, but it also enhances the game-time experience through... Read more
Scoring Made Simple with ScoreVisionLE
In today’s classrooms, technology is not just a luxury; it's a necessity. Your gymnasium is no different! It’s time to replace your old, metal-box scoreboard with a new way to score. Introducing ScoreVisionLE. Read more
ScoreVision FAQs
We know you may have some questions, so we've gathered our most commonly asked ones in one convenient place. By providing these answers upfront, we aim to save you time and make sure you have all the information you need right at your fingertips. Our goal is to make your customer journey with us... Read more
Content Creator: Aspect Ratios & Basic Photo Cropping
Using the correct media size is vital for graphics planned to be shown on the LED displays. It’s important to know the model of your display so that you can determine the specifications of the Brand Wrapper you need to create. Be sure you or your students are aware of how the media content will be... Read more
Top 4 Myths About ScoreVision
If you’re in the market for a new scoreboard, you’ve likely heard about ScoreVision. We merge critical game information—like scoring—with fan engagement tools to create a professional, user-friendly, and affordable game-day experience. You also likely have heard a few rumors or myths about what... Read more
How-to Prepare for a Sporting Event: Creating a Game Script
Are you missing critical moments in your game day production? We get it – there is a lot to keep track of during the game. Luckily, behind every captivating fan experience is a well-crafted game script. A game script is a spreadsheet-like itinerary for planning each sports production from pre-game... Read more
Create Unbeatable Sports Synergy With Multiple ScoreVision Systems
As a society, we are always looking for the best value. Whether it is value in the food we buy or the experiences we look to acquire, we want to get the most out of our time, money, and resources. This is shown in the use of promotions and deals like buy two get one free, and get your fifth coffee... Read more
How-to Prepare for a Sporting Event: What is a Game Day Checklist?
Is your to-do list looking a bit lengthy? We get it—there are a lot of tasks on the plate of the athletic administration. You can’t possibly be responsible for completing all the tasks that need to be done to prepare for every event. That’s why you have to start using a game-day checklist. If you... Read more
How ScoreVision Scoreboards Can Elevate Your Outdoor Facilities
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How ScoreVision Scoreboards Can Elevate Your Indoor Facilities
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How to Keep Score at a Wrestling Tournament
As a strategic sport, wrestling immerses both the player and fan in a game of risk versus reward. While it may not receive much attention in the media, this impeccable sport requires sophisticated skill and a powerful mind to become the leader of a weight class. Wrestling is entertaining,... Read more